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Phangan Plus is your interactive local guide that's there when you need it.
No app download, no guidebook to carry around, just scan using Messenger and go!
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Ready For Your Island Adventure?
Phangan Plus is an app that isn't really an app. You don't need to download anything because it interacts with you through you Messenger. Simply type what you want to do that day and Phangan Plus will instantly give you some suggestions.

Type "Beaches", and Phangan Plus will give you a list of the top beaches on the island.

Type "Taxi",  and Phangan Plus will order a taxi to your hotel for you.

Type "Full Moon Party", and Phangan Plus will give you everything you need to know about the Full Moon Party!
how does it work?
Scan The Code
Open Messenger, go to the People tab, then click Scan Code.
Then click "Get Started".
Interact with your local guide
Use the menu at the bottom to find the best view points, the closest beaches, and the hottest parties.
Claim Discounts and Deals
We all love discounts! We have all the best island discounts ready for you to claim.
Offers at the best bars, restaurants, day trips, scuba diving, and more!
What Deals Will You Find Inside?
  • Bars: Hot offers to make your night unforgettable...or maybe not :D 
  • Parties: Detailed info, images, videos and ticket deals from the best parties on the island.
  • Restaurants: The best offers and freebies from the island's best eateries.
  •  Activities: Local events and activities taking place around the island.
  • Scuba Diving: Detailed information and videos about every scuba diving operator on the island as well as the best deals that they offer.
  • Accommodation: Exclusive offers from some amazing hostels, resorts and guesthouses.
  • Tours: See all that this beautiful island has to offer at the absolute best price!
Have A Business To Add To Phangan Plus?
Phangan Plus wants to invite you to join our exciting new adventure.

Our goal is to give both visitors and locals and up-to-date, interactive experience accessible whenever they need it. They will have instant access to local information as well as offers from around the island, uniquely accompanied by images, videos and even taxi pickup options to and from your business.

This is unlike anything any island has seen before, and your opportunity to never experience another low season ever again.

Send us an email here: - and we'll get back to you straight away.
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